We do things a little differently. For example each day at 7:00 a.m. our entire team assembles in front of our main building for a company meeting.

Topics such as noteworthy activities, visitors, upcoming events, special announcements, etc. are briefly covered. We follow with a bible verse and/or inspirational reading; then a prayer and finish with light exercises.

This creates an energetic, positive and fun start to each day.

Our Niche

Difficult to do assemblies that require both machine and human interface and which benefit from flexibility in production scheduling.

The industries that we serve require a high level of assembly knowledge and capability. We have continued to grow in these demanding areas due to our low turnover, on-going training, pursuit of required certifications, ability to handle various production volumes as well as our commitment to quality.


  • Continuous improvement
  • On going process and systems efficiencies
  • Fulfilling all applicable regulations that apply to our business activities
  • Open to change
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Single Mothers

A company goal is to help provide single mothers with employment, a concept that began at the inception of our company.

This segment of the population is often overlooked when hiring and can be the first let go when economic times become difficult.

Our single mothers are a key reason that we enjoy a low turnover rate.

Maintaining our Identity

At our start in 1995 we had a total of 8 employees and currently have just over 400, so one of our goals is to continuously look for ways to maintain our unique style and small company feel.

In addition we strive to make our work place productive, successful, creative, safe and happy.


We provide medical coverage for each employee in accordance with Costa Rican law, in addition we also give optical care; a key part of handling complex assemblies.

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Tico Electronics/Costa Rica Advantages

  • Low Cost Economy
  • Emphasis on Education & Training
  • High Literacy Rate – 96%
  • Economic and government stability
  • Low turnover
  • MLA’s (manufacturing licensing agreements) – Costa Rica is approved to perform U.S. government assemblies
  • Privately held
  • Manufacturing consists of 2 buildings totaling approximately 82,000 sq. ft.
  • Tax free zone
  • Close proximity to North America
  • 10 minutes from San Jose International Airport
  • Never more than two hours difference in time zones for North American customers
  • Ample supply of local work force
  • Cross training utilized
  • A great place for business and vacation
  • Lowest risk rating in Latin America

New Tico Building

We are adding the final touches to our new building.

New Tico Electronics Building New Tico Electronics Building

Company Principles

HAT – We have three principles that help guide us at Tico Electronics.

  • HONESTY – Our people understand the need to practice honesty in the workplace.
  • ATTITUDE – A positive, team centered and proactive attitude make a difference in the work place.
  • WORK (TRABAJO) – We strive to make a happy and productive environment where everyone wins.
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