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The industries we serve require a high level of assembly knowledge and capability.

Welcome to Tico Electronics

Tico Electronics is a Costa Rican Contract Manufacturer specializing in complex assemblies that require both machine and human interface, and which benefit from production flexibility. We tailor your business needs by creating customized assembly lines.

Supplier of the Year

Tico Electronics is proud to announce two Suppliers of the Year for 2021, MWS Wire Industries Inc. and Ellsworth Adhesives. Both have been instrumental in our success with motor assemblies at our facility in Costa Rica. Delivering quality products, consistently and on time.

Tico Electronics: Successful in Managing the Virus Environment


Despite the challenging situation that has faced the world this past year, Tico Electronics has continued to move ahead with successful implementation plans.  Consejo de Salud Ocupacional (Occupational Health Council), the governing body of safety measures for companies within Costa Rica has approved Tico Electronics due to its implementation and protocols of virus prevention. Because of this, we are allowed to include their seal on all company literature and buildings.

The following demonstrates our efforts and solutions:

Statistical Data Summary of COVID-19 in Costa Rica and Tico Electronics (PDF)

Tico Electronics’ Controls for COVID-19 (PDF)

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Why costa rica?

There are many reasons why doing business in Costa Rica Makes sense.

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Our Team

The industries we serve require a high level of assembly knowledge and capability. We have continued to grow in these demanding areas due to our low turnover, ongoing training, pursuit of required certifications, ability to handle various production volumes as well as our commitment to quality.

Corporate social

From our inception, hiring single mothers has been a part of our identity. This segment of the population is often overlooked when hiring and can be the last hired and first let go when economic times become difficult.