Our Focus

Our focus is difficult-to-do assemblies that require both machine and human interface and which benefit from flexibility in production scheduling. 


The industries we serve require a high level of assembly knowledge and capability. We have continued to grow in these demanding areas due to our low turnover, ongoing training, pursuit of required certifications, ability to handle various production volumes, as well as our commitment to quality.

Maintaining a Unique Identity

In 1995, we had eight employees. Currently, we have just over 500. One of our corporate goals is to continuously look for ways to maintain our unique style and small company feel.

One way this is achieved is through our daily meetings at 6:45 a.m. where we briefly cover important topics, announcements, a quick scripture reading, prayer and exercises. On Fridays, we think of a variety of ways to add humor. Each morning our team is upbeat and ready for the day.

We strive to make our workplace productive, successful, creative, and safe with some added fun. In accordance with Costa Rican law, we provide medical coverage for each employee. We also provide optical care — a key part of handling complex assemblies.

And because it’s Costa Rica, there is always music playing throughout the production areas.

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Our History


Tico Electronics started as a PCB Contract Manufacturer, with an added purpose of hiring single mothers to help those among the most vulnerable and in need of work.


Tico was discovered by a large motor manufacturer which specialized in actuation systems. This grew into a large and long-term partnership, with both companies seeing substantial growth due in part to their successful partnering.


Tico became ISO 9001 accredited and in the same year became IPC-A-610 Class 3 certified, with Space Addendum.


We became the first company in Central America to receive Nadcap (TIG welding) Accreditation.


Tico II building completed and plant wide Lean implementation begins.


Six Sigma Green Belt training begins for all program managers.


We became the first company in Central America to receive our AS9100 Certification.


All Program Managers became Green Lean Six Sigma belts with one attaining a Black Belt, bringing our total Black Belts to two. In addition, our Administrative Staff completed the
Lean for Services class. Also, AS9100 Revision D recertification.


Solar panels installed on Tico 1 and 2.


13,000 sq. ft. leased building added for materials storage and the Materials and Procurement teams.