CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Single Mothers

From our inception, hiring single mothers has been a part of our identity.

This segment of the population is often overlooked when hiring and can be the last hired and first let go when economic times become difficult.

Christ for the City

Tico Electronics has been a partner with Christ For the City International since the beginning. CFTC is an international mission organization committed to the transformation of communities and the development of leaders in the name of Christ. They have more than 500 mission workers in over 15 countries serving through more than 90 different ministries.

Our President, Chris Melander, is a board member of Christ for the City.

Company Without Poverty

We conducted a complete socio-economical study of our employees to determine those at most risk for poverty and developed strategies to help the poorest of the poor.

This initiative was developed by a group of large local companies in Costa Rica together with the Asociacion for corporate development (CSR association in Costa Rica) to try to eradicate poverty among the direct company employees.
Income is not always the determining factor for poverty, but help may be needed for family health issues, legal problems, debt, etc.


La Posada de Belén

We are providing assistance to a shelter for teenage mothers with a plan for a long-term alliance.

It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) shelter, which works in agreement with the National Children’s Trust (PANI), in order to help teenage mothers with problems of family negligence, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

La Posada de Belén seeks to provide comprehensive assistance to young people at high social risk. The shelter helps at risk teenagers with primary and secondary school, food, clothing, education, training, recreation, faith-based support and health.

In addition to primary and secondary education, there are also classes in beauty, sewing and cooking, with the goal that girls can secure a job in the future.

Sustainable Energy

Both Tico Electronics buildings use solar panels for nearly all of our electrical needs. We are among the few companies in the country to use solar energy.

Emergency Fund

Any time there is death in a family, flooding, fire damage, a serious health issue, Tico Electronics has set aside funds to help our employees.

One Team

Each person, regardless of position is considered of equal value in helping Tico Electronics succeed.