why costa rica

Costa Rica is a Better Near Shore Location.

Here are a few reasons why:


Costa Rica has one of the best educational systems globally and the best in Latin America.

  • A minimum 6% of GNP is established for education
  • 9 Years Compulsory
  • Literacy – Currently 97.8%


  • Costa Rica average turnover - 7%
  • Tico Electronics average turnover – 5%


  • A safer environment to work and live, Costa Rica is the safest country in Latin America.


  • Low Cost Economy.
  • Supply Chain committed to highest Aerospace Standards.
  • Productive/Fast Learning workforce.
  • History of Economic and Political Stability.
  • Easy to get to; geographically close to North America.
  • We work when you do; never more than 2 hours time zone difference to North America.
  • Free Zone System.
  • Top exporter of high technology in Latin America.
  • Ranked first for Innovation in Latin America.
  • Lowest Risk Rating in Latin America.
  • U.S./Canadian/European copyrights/intellectual property protected in Costa Rica.
  • Foreigner business owners receive the same benefits as Costa Rican citizens.
  • Free Zone System.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Renewable Energy – Over 90% of Costa Rica’s energy comes from renewable sources and Tico Electronics uses solar panels on both buildings for electrical power requirements.
  • Carbon Neutral – Current plan is to be carbon neutral by 2021.
  • No hurricanes. Weather is helpful to continued work.
  • Great place to vacation
  • Costa Rica is a great vacation destination whether you prefer activities or just relaxing. From golf, surfing, fishing, ziplining, rafting, horseback riding, ATV, etc. Or if you just want to lay on a beach, relax by a pool or spend time in a rain forest, Costa Rica has it all.