Our Capabilities

We excel at complex assemblies, with any mix and volume that meets your needs.

Aerospace/Defense applications are the majority of what we do. Here is an example of areas on a commercial jet where you can find assemblies that we do for Tier 1 partners.


Spoiler Motors

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HSTA Motor

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Rotors/Stators for sensors & Controls

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Stators for Electro-Mechanical Brakes

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On-Engine Thermocouples

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Various Cable Harnesses

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Flight Deck Communication

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Resolvers For Flight Control Actuation

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Flight Control Cables

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Tico Electronics works in a variety of industries, including aerospace, medical, industrial and alternative energy. We’re not product- or industry-specific; rather, we focus on difficult assemblies that require both machine and highly skilled labor.

We are Lean Six Sigma. Tico practices the Lean philosophy. For example, we currently have two Black belts with all remaining Engineers having Green belts, and our Admin staff has completed the ASQ Lean for Services course.

This, along with Costa Rica’s excellent education systems, low turnover, available workforce, low-cost economy, Free Zone location, stable economy and government, and near-shore location makes us a best fit for your complex manufacturing needs.

We create custom made manufacturing lines. Each is unique to customer specifications and needs. It also allows for better communication and support.

Wire Windings

Types of Assemblies

Stators & Rotors for Resolvers, Synchros, Brushless and Brush Motors, Coils, Bobbins, Brakes.


Winding, inserting, testing, magnetizing rotor balancing, grinding, honing, lamination stacking and welding, fluidizing vacuum and VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation).

Cable Harnesses

Types of Assemblies

We build cable/harnesses for a variety of end products and industries. These include those on commercial aircraft such as flight control, Nacelle and On-Engine Thermocouple Harnesses.


Braiding, J-STD-001S soldering, Crimping in accordance with MSC-Spec-Q-1A & NASA-STD-8739-4, NADCAP
accredited TIG welding.

Other Electro-Mechanical

Types of Assemblies

Brush block/Slip Rings, Airflow & Temperature Sensors, Solenoids, Miniature Joysticks, Hydraulic Assemblies.


Spot welding, injection molding, functional
testing, temperature cycling, induction brazing.


Types of Assemblies

Housings, Backshells, Bushings, Brackets.


CNC Turning and Milling, surface and cylindrical
grinding, honing, CMM inspection, Sand blasting,
passivation and heat treating.