Creating the 2023 Tico Electronics calendar

Every year Tico Electronics takes a company picture used to create the next year’s calendar. The process is challenging due to the number of employees to navigate as the picture is created.

Starting at our facility this year, the Tico team made their way to our Free Zone’s soccer field where we spelled out “Tico” for the 2023 calendar. The word is an idiomatic term used for Costa Ricans. When speaking, a local may use the diminutive term “un poquitico” instead of the normal pronunciation “un poquito” (a little bit).

This original use of ‘-ico’ or later, ‘-tico’ became normal in daily conversation and over time was incorporated as a local way of speaking and became a familiar and affectionate way that Costa Ricans used the diminutive. This led to locals calling themselves ‘Tico’s’.